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Hello,As a first look at Clicker Heroes – It is truly easy game,but you don’t even know who are Gilded Heroes,Primal Bosses and even more.
This game was published almost 3 week ago and become very popular on social networks,flash game sites…So where is the key of the success and why do you play Clicker Heroes once or more ? – In this blog I will completely discuss this game with It’s negative and positive sides,Also I will post in our blog some “bad” posts,hacks and cheats !
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So here we go – Its time to know aspect of this incredibly crazy game! Tips,Tricks,Reviews
Clicker Heroes is another idle game which is extremely easy to play,For generating new stages,new hero levels and more there are used too many mathematical formulas,This makes game addictive,And you know addictiveness of the game is almost success key.
Maybe you will think that this game will have greatest graphical effects cause it is very popular,Nope – There used too low graphical effects,Also gameplay is too simple you only need to click on victims as fast as you can,and bring some gold coins.
So we’ve talked about aspect of the Clicker Heroes and now you know how to play,But wait there are many rules and strategies that you should know to speed up your victory.
This game also have spectacular function that allows you to save your Data,You know its too rare in flash games but simply click Settings and save your game than you can import your saved data file and continue playing where you saved it.

Now It is time to shake your brain and read it studiously.

What is Ascension ? Why do you need Souls ? Who are Gilded Heroes and Primal Bosses ?

Ascension is pretty easy ability that you will meat in hero named Amenhotep when you beat him in 150th level.This ability makes you permission to restart game and also bring your heroes to first level.

Souls are earned by two ways,first one is to earn 2,000 hero levels ( this equals one soul) and Second to kill Primal bosses you can read it below.
Earning souls brings you some bonuses you need to play easier.

Primal Boss are type of victim you must kill in gameplay,After you reach 100 or more levels there are to many chances to resistance Primal boss
As i said,Killing these bosses brings you souls.

Gilded Heroes –  You can receive a gilded leading man for beating the all-time highest region starting at amount 100, and each 10 levels afterward. Each time a hero is gilded, they get a +50% extra damage.

Here goes screenshots of

Clicker Heroes

 Clicker heroes Clicker heroes save function

Author: Simaga JR

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
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